New book rating system

I decided that I should use a rating system to kind of help you decide whether or not the books I post about are worth reading.  So I came up with this:
5 stars - worth buying it
4 stars - really good
3 stars - its worth reading
2 stars - okay, but not really that great
1 star - don't read it unless you can't get anything else
0 stars - I am begging you not to read this

Hopefully I'll never have to post about  a 0 star book ...
Anyways, I hope this helps, I am trying to post about as many books as I can, but I am really busy.  I'm making it my goal to post about at least 1 book every week.  If you want to want to find a specific book, look at the book list page.  It has all the books we have posted about.  Also if you have any suggestions for books, please leave a comment :)


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