The Books of Pellinor

The Books of Pellinor are a fantasy quartet written by Alison Croggon . The main character, Maerad, grew up as a slave in Gilman's Cot, but she was not always a slave . When a mysterious stranger named Cadvan appears in the barn while she is milking cows, she has no idea that he will reveal her true identity and past .   The books follow Maerad on her journey towards discovering who she is and what she is meant to do .  I liked the way Alison Croggon wrote the books and the language she used while writing .  Although these are excellent books, there was just one thing I did not like about the series .  This is just my opinion though .  In the first two books, the story was focused entirely on Maerad and how she is the one who has to save everything , and how she is the only one who can do this .  In the 3rd book, this changes to include her brother, and now he has to help Maerad achieve this .  I personally think the series would have been better if the author had stuck with how she began the story .  Overall though I did love these books and I would recommend them to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure stories .     Rating 3 stars: This is because the whole thing about the third book bothered me so much !

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