Greek Mythology

If you've read the Percy Jackson books or are just interested in Greek Mythology, I have a few good books to read .  If your looking for something quick and easy, The Greek Gods and Heros and Monsters of Greek Myth by Evslin, Evslin & Hoopes is the way to go .  These are easy books with the basic stories .  If you are looking for a more in depth look at the Gods and stories Edith Hamilton's book Mythology is a good one to try out .  It has more of stories than the other two and more information about each God .  This is definitely a MUCH harder book though .

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Google Books

Hey everybody ! Sorry I haven't had time to post very much lately !  I've been looking at all the google applications you can use if you have an account and a while ago I saw google books . So I started filling my library a few weeks ago . If you want to see other books I've read then go to this link to look at my library: http://books.google.com/books?uid=1019221144844900484&rview=1
If you have a google books library post the link in a comment or if your an author you can make a new post, and I'll look at the books you've been reading and do my best to read all of them .  :)

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Rick Riordan updates

This is just an update on whats going on with Rick Riordan (so far the only author we've had time to post about) .  May 10, 2010  the first book in his new series, The Kane Chronicles, will be coming out .  The title is The Red Pyramid, this series will be about the ancient Egyptian religion coming into the real world .  Definitely something to look at when it comes out .  :)  On February 10, 2010 The Lightning Thief will be out as a movie .  If you enjoyed the books, this is a movie to go see .  We will be posting a comparative review after we see the movie .
Go to his website:  www.rickriordan.com  to see his events calender & to find out if he is traveling near you .

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a five book series by Rick Riordan .  The books follow the life of Perseus Jackson who is a demi-god . Meaning one of his parents is a Greek God and one is regular person .  I can't really tell you to much about the books without spoiling the entire thing, so you have to read these yourself . :)  Rick Riordan brings Greek Mythology into the real world .  Famous landmarks are now places from mythology .  Mount Olympus is over the Empire State building, monsters are living in the Bermuda Triangle, and the Underworld is under Los Angeles !  This series is definitely for ages 9 and up . If you haven't read these yet, you should .  Visit Rick Riordan's website for more information about him and the series:  www.rickriordan.com  Enjoy :)

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The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues is a 10 book series started by Rick Riordan .  Every book is written by a different author .  The main characters, Amy and Dan, are invited to the reading of their Grandmother's will .   They are given the choice between $ 1 million and a clue to start them on a search for the 39 clues, the first person to find them all will get power beyond anything that can be imagined . The only problem is the clues are hidden all over the world and Amy & Dan's ruthless relatives will stop at nothing to get the clues .  They set out on a journey that takes them all over the world, but will they find the clues first ?  These books are really good and have plenty of excitement and adventure although they are on the easier side, they are a great read for all ages .  :)
So far 5 books have come out and the 6th one will be out in a couple of weeks .
- The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan 
- One False Note by Gordon Korman 
- The Sword Theif by Peter Lerangis  
- Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson 
- The Black Circle by Patrick Carman 
In each book, instead of page numbers, some pages have a code .  Decode it to get information .
There is also a website where you make an account, collect and enter cards, play mini games, and missions .  You to have to find all 39 clues by passing the missions and collecting cards, whoever gets them all first wins a prize .  There are also other smaller prizes you can win .  Read the books and try out the website !  www.the39clues.com
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Captain Ethan: Volume 1

Foooosh!  As Captain Ethan soared into the sky, he used his sonic hearing and heard a distant cry for help.  Somebody was going to be murdered!  Captain Ethan sprang into action, flying at high speed towards the call. He used his super strength and destroyed the symantic power lock.  He then bust in and put the killer in a plasma cage while beating up the other 5 thugs.  The next day everybody was buying the newspaper.  The headlines said: Who is Captain Ethan!  Meanwhile, Ethan enjoys breakfast with his children, Noel and Francesca, and his wife Nina.  Beep!  Beep!  Ethan's super hero gizmo was calling!  Ethan said he needed to go to work but really it was his day off, so he got his outfit and set off to the site.  Oh no!  It was Captain Ethan's arch nemesis,   Dr. Karnop!  He had to think fast, the world was in peril!  He quickly punched this way and that way! He defeated Dr. Karnop and saved the day once again!  THE END.

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A little bit about this blog :)

Welcome to Club Bookworm !  This is a blog for young readers and writers who want to talk about books and share their writing work .  We will regularly update the blog with book lists, reviews, release dates, short stories, games, contests and more .  If you want to be able to publish your work on this blog, leave a comment below and we will add you to our authors list .  We hope you enjoy this blog .  Please tell you friends about it !   Enjoy ;)

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