The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues is a 10 book series started by Rick Riordan .  Every book is written by a different author .  The main characters, Amy and Dan, are invited to the reading of their Grandmother's will .   They are given the choice between $ 1 million and a clue to start them on a search for the 39 clues, the first person to find them all will get power beyond anything that can be imagined . The only problem is the clues are hidden all over the world and Amy & Dan's ruthless relatives will stop at nothing to get the clues .  They set out on a journey that takes them all over the world, but will they find the clues first ?  These books are really good and have plenty of excitement and adventure although they are on the easier side, they are a great read for all ages .  :)
So far 5 books have come out and the 6th one will be out in a couple of weeks .
- The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan 
- One False Note by Gordon Korman 
- The Sword Theif by Peter Lerangis  
- Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson 
- The Black Circle by Patrick Carman 
In each book, instead of page numbers, some pages have a code .  Decode it to get information .
There is also a website where you make an account, collect and enter cards, play mini games, and missions .  You to have to find all 39 clues by passing the missions and collecting cards, whoever gets them all first wins a prize .  There are also other smaller prizes you can win .  Read the books and try out the website !  www.the39clues.com
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  1. Hey, unfortunatley I only could read the second book, I'm searching for the others, just did a post about the series, good luck guys :D

  2. Alex bought the 7th one. Still haven't read 3,4,5&6. Did you?

  3. i think i read up to 6 ? there are more british authors in the libraries over here, so sometimes its hard to get the books :P

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  5. Do you have an account on the website?